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Hey guys! This is Jamie/[livejournal.com profile] skycatcher/[plurk.com profile] clegane! Feel free to friend, although I probably will use this about as often as I used my LJ I.E: practically never oops. Just comment here to let me know who you are, please!
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Name/Handles: Jamie, which is my real name! Otherwise I'm occasionally called Wamie or Papa or sometimes even Jennifer thanks Macy's.
What YEAR Is It!?: I'm 26! And my birthday is August 2nd. That makes me the last of the 80s era!!
I Want the NUDES: NO you can't have any but here's what I look like!! bark bark I'm a deer etc
Where the Fuck: Monterey, California. I'm one of those murikans you've heard about, and my timezone is GMT-8 / PST.
Working: as a home specialist at Macy's! I've been there for over three years as I type this, and I previously worked in the Housewares department with nutribullets and toasters and cute kitchen gadgets. I was promoted to the specialist of Macy's luxury bedding line Hotel Collection (that's right I'm a bedding specialist wink wonk), went back to a regular associate, and 2015 holidays saw me as a holiday manager which was a TON of fun and now I get to do all sorts of rude things I wouldn't have been allowed to do before; and I talk about my coworkers A Lot a lot. They're super cute and charming!! Also super cute and charming are old people, and I'm a geriatric magnet. It is a known fact. Old people love the shit out of me. I've also helped a couple celebrities and that's been p.cool. Still waiting for the day Clint Eastwood comes back so I can get a selfie!! >:T
  Fandoms: Wow shit uh Gintama is forever my #1, Toriko, Attack on Titan, Magi, Tegami Bachi, Assassination Classroom, ASOIAF, Grimm, Daredevil, The Walking Dead, Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Hell on Wheels, Z Nation, Arrow, MCU... I like a lot of horror/gore and supernatural things, basically. But also silly things and fantasy!!
Hobbies: HAHAHAH no I'm sorry ok I don't cosplay or draw or anything fancy, I basically just RP and vidya, and when I'm feeling spry I'll do some graphics. I'm pretty crafty IRL but it's mostly building or fixing things. I love remodeling and interior design and turning old things into something new and handy! I am in the middle of remodeling my home with my father right now, actually, and whenever we get up to a new project I will be talking about it. COUNT ON IT. I also really like cleaning...
I'd Describe Myself As: Not terribly different IRL from online, though it takes me a while to get a feel for my company and see what's appropriate or not. I'm pretty gentle/soft-spoken and patient but I'm also gross as hell so expect my plurk to be full of dicks and ironic talk of furries and a lot of knotting jokes. I like to share positive or silly little things that happen in my day to day life if I think someone else might smile! I try to be as supportive as I can and I'm always open to new friends and old friends swinging back around as interests collide. I love to spend time with people and stream movies together or play games together or just about anything!

Muselist: Walk this way!
Currently Found: Playing Noir ([personal profile] memoryslain) in [community profile] crosschecks!
About Your Other Fandoms...: Frankly, my anilist, mangalist, and trakt (tv series & movies) are fucking embarrassing but you can see the extent of my domain and get a pretty good idea.
Topics to Tread Lightly Around: None, actually! Nothing squicks me or ~triggers~ me or anything of the sort, but if I ever say things that bother you, just let me know and I'll avoid it in the future! It's very hard to offend or annoy me so please don't worry about doing so.
  Main Modes: [personal profile] heartbullets & [plurk.com profile] clegane
Social Media: [tumblr.com profile] gauches & instagram & facebook
AIM: gauche suede
Skype: yiffbad
E-Mail / GTalk: gaucches (AT) gmail (DOT) com
Steam: letterbee
Flavors.me: bam
Flight Rising: here!
3DS Friend Code: 3153-5472-2954


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